FEATURES INCLUDE secure, indexed, searchable, anytime access to your conference content custom designs match conference or sponsor branding monetise valuable content through our payment gateway utilise powerful learning & development tools, and professional accreditation systems extend debate with forums and comments and much more...

Key Benefits of FTV ICE:

Complete, Extended Access to the Best of Your Conference

Using our secure, robust video delivery platform, you're able to document, archive and publish key content from your conference or event on an ongoing basis. Content is indexed, searchable and accessible at any time, on any medium and so on. Our platform is flexible enough to meet a variety of needs. You might simply want to make conference content publicly available, as a way to stimulate interest and promote attendance at future events. Or you might want to make content available only to certain select groups, or subscribers as a value-add service. Our membership systems allow you to manage all this easily from your desktop.

Monetise Conference Content Through our Payment Gateway

Often, the more specialised the conference, the more valuable the content. Monetize your conference content by selling online access to select sessions or plenaries individually or packaged together. We help you decide what your content is worth, and price it accordingly. We set up a convenient, secure Paypal / credit card payment gateway, and you reap the benefits. This way, you can further leverage the time, cost and effort put into organising and running your conference: make your conference last longer, reach further and be of greater value to your clients at a time when return on investment is of paramount importance — for all involved.

Leverage Conference Content for Learning & Development

Leverage your conference video material for further learning and development across your organisation, network or member base. Add the ICE assessment module of up to five multiple-choice questions, password controlled and complete with an optional online payment system. This module allows access to all agreed participants, denies access to conference delegates to avoid double-dipping for CPD points, checks the participant answers, monitors progress, and either advises of CPD success for you to award the points, or awards the points direct to the participant. You get a manageable and measurable learning and development platform that can be used throughout an organisation, or across a wider network of partners or delegate members.

Continue the Debate

Add interactive features to your content in the form of comment zones and discussion forums. This can encourage debate and discussion on specific topics of interest long after your delegates have gone home. Themes, issues or subjects raised during the conference itself can be enhanced and kept alive by online discussion and debate. Alternatively, put up preview videos and start a debate leading up to a conference. For wider debate options, we can link your site into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Enhance Sponsorship Opportunities

Vendor participation and sponsorship is a key component of almost any conference today. Vendors love the opportunity to market to a concentrated (need we say captive?) audience that's right in their target market. Vendor sponsorship is a vital component of any conference budget. FTV ICE presents an opportunity to extend sponsorship further, and its an opportunity for sponsors to remain in the limelight, long after your delegates have left. There are numerous sponsorship opportunities on an FTV ICE site, both on the page (in terms of banner advertising, etc.), and in the video content itself (pre-roll and post-roll advertising, etc). Talk to us to find our more.

Add Brand Value: Integrate FTV ICE Into Your Site

We can customise the FTV ICE video platform to match the conference, event or corporate branding you desire. Integrate our platform into your existing website structure, or if time is an issue, choose from one of our elegant and simple pre-designed templates.

Track, Analyse and Learn

Our custom stats tracking and analytics tools give you detailed data on who's watching what content the most, from where, and for how long. If your conference content is restricted-access, or paid-access, you'll have your own FTV ICE membership list, giving you even more precise data on who's watching your content. You'll be able to build a well-defined, solid target list for additional marketing and promotional activities (with their permission, of course!).

And Finally...

Is it worth it? Why should I bother? Does anyone really watch online video? We think so — and, it turns out, so do others. The real power of online video to inform, educate, and communicate is only now beginning to emerge. Watch How Web Video Powers Global Innovation by TED Talks Curator Chris Anderson. The accessible, easy-to-disseminate nature of online video may just be the biggest revolution since the invention of print. We invite you to leverage the power of your conference, and the power of online video — today.

Contact us today to empower and extend your conference.